Premiumbikes held its annual After Sales Convention in Boracay on August 19–20, 2023. A recognition to all the Casa ng Masa mechanics and parts custodians who work hand-in-hand in attending to every customer’s service needs. Each year is worth celebrating, as it never fails to reach its mission: provide service to every Filipino rider while continuously growing in their career.

The event hosted nearly a hundred employees and was a success. With the theme, “Back On Track: Better, Faster, Stronger”, it reflects how competent they are in reaching their full potential. Outstanding performance were recognized through an awarding. Below is the list of the Top 10 awardees:

Top 10 Mechanics

Top 1 MechanicSummit Superbikes-Paso De BlasReynan S. Alingag
Top 2 MechanicSummit Superbikes-Paso De BlasEmerald Jan T. Rapada
Top 3 MechanicPremiumbikes-Old Balara Y3SWinnie D. Biongan Jr.
Top 4 MechanicSummit Superbikes-Paso De BlasJohn Michael Q. Satsatin
Top 5 MechanicPremiumbikes-Pasig 3S YamahaRicky S. Del Rio
Top 6 MechanicPremiumbikes-Old Balara Y3SDavid Moore A. Torre
Top 7 MechanicPremiumbikes-Regalado Y3SJohn Kenneth G. Pajaro
Top 8 MechanicSummit Superbikes-Del MonteJoey B. Bersamina
Top 9 MechanicPremiumbikes-MalandayEduardo P. Peñalosa Jr.
Top 10 MechanicPremiumbikes-Baliuag 3S YamahaRamil C. Faustino

Top 10 Parts Custodian

Top 1 Parts CustodianPremiumbikes -Pasig 3S YamahaChristian M. Bautista
Top 2 Parts CustodianSummit Superbikes -Paso De BlasRodneil O. Hulguin
Top 3 Parts CustodianPremiumbikes Regalado Y3SFernando C. Zenarosa Jr.
Top 4 Parts CustodianSummit Superbikes -Amang RodriguezLyle G. Bosque
Top 5 Parts CustodianPremiumbikes -Tanay-3S YamahaCyrell N. Tibay
Top 6 Parts CustodianPremiumbikes -Old Balara Y3SRandall Anthony B. Rodriguez
Top 7 Parts CustodianPremiumbikes -MorongMonica Rose G. Dela Cruz
Top 8 Parts CustodianSummit Superbikes ParanaqueEmerson I. Merano
Top 9 Parts CustodianPremiumbikes -MalandayVercel M. Valerio
Top 10 Parts CustodianSummit Superbikes -CubaoJohn Alexis R. Abacan

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