Sure, the rainy season came early, but that shouldn’t stop us from exploring the cities while riding our motorcycles in the safest way possible. There are still a lot of activities to enjoy during the rainy season, especially for our motorcycle riders who would brave the rain for some adventure. With that, we must make sure that our motorcycle is safe and ready. Below are some tips that you should remember:



Periodic inspection is important regardless of the weather. May it be summer or rainy season, it is a necessity to always inspect your motorcycle, from its engine to its body. But when it’s the rainy season, extra measures should be taken. Ensure that there are no leaks of oil or engine fluid. Breaks are well functioning and have a good grip. Tires that are intact, have the right air pressure, and are in good condition can endure slippery roads and avoid hydroplaning. Lastly, you should never skip checking the performance of your head, tail, and signal lights; the beam should never be too low or high that it would dazzle other motorists.



Your motorcycle cannot be prevented from being wet, but you can. Make sure to be properly geared before you head out: lightweight, breathable, and water- and tear-proof materials are the most ideal motorcycle clothing. Perhaps you could use an anti-fog visor for your helmet or goggles of the same kind to have a clear sight of the road. Lastly, heavy rainfall could lead to low visibility on the road; hence, you might want to consider wearing brightly colored accessories where you could easily be seen.



Rain riding is definitely risky; the road may either be slippery or muddy, and some parts may have uneven pavement, manholes, or hidden obstacles due to stagnant water. Being extra careful and vigilant should be your top priority. It is also a must to plan your route ahead of time to familiarize yourself with it and know if there are shortcuts or any stopovers along the way in case the downpour is too much to withstand. You must also slow down and observe distance from other vehicles, as tires don’t grip the pavement easily.


Living in a tropical country means being resilient to inclement weather. Some enjoy riding out in the rain; some don’t, so it is best to take extra precautionary measures. You might also want to consider asking for help, such as by visiting your nearby trusted mechanic. Premiumbikes offers multiple spare parts and services, so you can always be ready, no matter how heavy the downpour is.

Written by: Bianca Meneses