In 2017, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that some transactions that are typically done in their offices may soon become available online and may be done at the convenience of your home.

After 6 years, it has finally become a reality. LTO chief Atty. Jayart Tugade announced that the renewal of a motor vehicle’s registration can now be done online, starting today, February 14, 2023, through the agency’s Land Transportation Management System (LTMS).

According to Tugade, the LTMS portal should allow motorists to renew their vehicle’s registration without the need to spend the whole day at one of their offices, as long as they have an internet connection.Not for all (at the moment)While this is definitely good news, especially for motorists who can’t sacrifice a whole day just to transact with the LTO, the system currently has its limitations, and not all motorists can use the system at the moment.

Renewal of vehicle registration can now be done online – LTO image

For example, only those with an LTMS account with their vehicle’s record uploaded to the system are able to use this renewal facility. If your vehicle’s record has not been uploaded on LTMS, the LTO will require you to still renew your vehicle the old-fashioned way by transacting with any of their regional, district, and extension offices. From there, one of their personnel will upload your vehicle’s information on LTMS. Vehicle online renewal of registration may be done in the following year.

Based on the statement from LTO, only vehicles that went through a Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (PMVIC) are qualified for online renewal of registration. The reason for this is that only PMVICs have access to the LTMS, but not the Private Emission Testing Centers (PETCs).

“Both the validated insurance and the motor vehicle inspection report (MVIR) will be electronically sent to the LTMS,” added Tugade.

The beauty of this online renewal of registration is that it gives the vehicle owner the ability to do the transaction at his/her own convenience.

“If your plate number ends with 3, you have the whole month to get your choice of insurance coverage, have your vehicle inspected in any PMVIC near you, and access the LTMS portal for the online renewal. There’s no need for vehicle owners to spend a whole day renewing the registration of their vehicles,” said Tugade.