Love at first sight is possible when buying a motorcycle; the thrill you’ll feel when you first see it and the excitement after holding its handlebars. Suddenly, everything else is irrelevant because your eyes already stick to that particular unit. But before you are taken away by its beauty, come to grips with reality and ask yourself, “Is this motorcycle really meant for me?”


Here are the things you should consider to avoid the ‘infatuation’ of buying a motorcycle that is not really destined for you:

  1. Budget

Buying a motorcycle is like investing in a relationship. Can you afford to commit to it in the long run? Try to evaluate its price, the additional expenses it comes with, and its future maintenance. It is important to make a plan that will work with the budget you have, whether it is purchased in cash or in installment.

  1. Type of motorcycle

Identify your needs on a daily basis to find the appropriate motorcycle for them. You don’t want to ride an off-road bike for your everyday delivery business, nor do you want to install a sidecar on a big bike. Remember that you are also paying for your convenience and comfortability, so look for a motorcycle that best suits you.

  1. Technical features

Finding your balance is the major factor in riding a motorcycle. And in order to find your balance, you must consider the size, weight, and height of the motorcycle that matches yours. Try not to overestimate your power in handling, especially if you’re a beginner. Research will help you pick your match.

  1. Availability of spare parts and maintenance services

The motorcycle you will purchase will last with you for a long time, so you want to make sure that there are accessible services and parts available for your motorcycle’s maintenance. Find the best casa that will attend to your needs.

  1. Requirements

Along with planning your budget and choosing the motorcycle you want, ensure that you are complete with the needed requirements (ID, certificate of employment, payslip, application form, etc.) to avoid hassles or rejections.


There are numerous things you should consider when buying a motorcycle, and deciding in the heat of the moment shouldn’t be an option. It is also important to choose a dealer that will help you find the best “partner” for you. After all, love takes time.

At Premiumbikes, we ensure that we help you start your adventure. From choosing the right motorcycle for you to taking care of it. We have endless options you can choose from, and the application process is made easy for you. We are dedicated to our mission of prioritizing customers more than anything else—like true love.

Written by: Bianca Meneses